Opportunity to acquire a prospective Au-Cu project in Western Australia with near term production potential

The Horseshoe Range Gold Project is located in the Peak Hill Goldfields district, approximately 860km south of Perth and 130km North of Meekatharra.

As set out in Figure 1, the Project lies within close proximity of Westgold’s Fortnum operating gold mine (~28km), the historic Horseshoe Lights Cu/Au mine, Bryah Basin’s Windalah Cu/Au project, and is adjacent to OM Holdings Horseshoe South manganese mine.

The Project spans over 430 Hectares (Ha) of ground and is inclusive of established infrastructure and working equipment that can be leveraged to exploit the prospective gold that occurs throughout tenement M52/251. Nugget and specimen gold occur throughout the Project in quartz veins within the Ravelstone Formation, the modern alluvials, and the lithified elluvial deposits.

The Project is extremely attractive as the core tenement package for an active gold exploration company, or as part of a roll up strategy in the Bryah Basin, a highly prospective gold, copper and manganese region of Western Australia. 

In parallel, there is the opportunity for near term production to enjoy the benefits of the current gold price by targeting the near surface alluvial gold occurrences and by using the existing mining and processing infrastructure with a demonstrated history of gold production.

Figure 1: The Horseshoe Gold Range Project is in proximity to Westgold’s Fortnum operating gold mine, the Horseshoe Lights Cu/Au mine, Bryah Basin’s Windalah Cu/Au project, and OM Holdings Horseshoe South manganese mine

Figure 2: Tenement M52/251 Exisitng Infrastructure and Setting